The Same People

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Deputies respond to 7 cases involving the same people over the weekend

Over a busy weekend when deputies were dispatched in separate cases to search for two missing men and a child, one Colquitt County man’s name kept popping up again. Daniel Wynn first came on officers’ radar when a deputy was dispatched at 10:36 a.m. on Saturday to the 1100 block of Cook Road. The call involved a welfare check on a child, Ethan Chappell. No one was at the residence, but at some point Wynn called a deputy’s brother, police said, and told him that he had been assaulted with a gun while searching for the child’s mother, Sarah Chappell. Wynn told the deputy’s brother that he had been assaulted by a man in the 2900 block of Baypole School Church Road. He also notified him that Ethan was at Wynn’s mother’s residence in Boston. A short time later police received a call of a car parked at the intersection of Zion Grove Church Road and Highway 202. At 12:10 a deputy who arrived at that location found a 2009 Nissan Altima parked in the middle of the road in the intersection. That car is registered to Wynn’s mother, police said. Wynn apparently ran out of gas at the intersection and abandoned the car, police said. The deputy had it towed because it was a road hazard. When an officer went to the residence where Wynn said he had been assaulted he spoke with Sarah Chappell and another woman, both of whom appeared to be under the influence of some substance, police reports said. The officer noted a pipe that could be used to smoke marijuana on a table and a foot-tall plant on the porch, and the residents admitted they had smoked marijuana earlier. One of the women also admitted that the plant was marijuana, but she said Wynn left it there because he was moving. The deputy had her destroy the plant, police said. She also told police that Wynn had come to the yard earlier in the morning wanting to speak to Sarah Denise Chappell. Chappell had a bruise under her left eye and bruising on her arms. She told the officer that she had been abused, which was why she was at her friend’s residence to get away from Wynn. At 12:22 p.m., an officer following up went to Wynn’s residence in the 1100 block of Cook Road, and while he was there Wynn arrived. Wynn told the officer that when he went to the residence on Baypole School Road to look for Sarah Chappell a man began yelling at him and told him to leave because she did not want to speak to him. The man pulled a black semi-automatic pistol, pointed it at Wynn and then used it to strike his head multiple times, Wynn reported. Wynn had visible swelling and redness to the right side of his face and jaw, police said. He also had abrasions to his right ear and blood in the white portion of his right eye. At 9:53 a.m. on Sunday, police were dispatched to Baypole School Road to investigate a report of a man and woman walking into yards and trying to enter houses. An officer located Wynn and Sarah Chappell in the 4700 block of Lower Meigs Road. Asked why they were entering people’s yards, Wynn responded that they were trying to get home, police said. Both had slurred speech and were lethargic, reports said. While searching the two for weapons prior to giving them a ride to their destination, the officer noticed a clear plastic bag partially sticking out of Wynn’s pocket, police said. The bag contained suspected marijuana, and Wynn told the officer that he stole it from the people who had assaulted him. At that time police arrested the couple, charging Wynn, 34, with possession of marijuana and Chappell, 33, with pedestrian under the influence. The sheriff’s office was not quite done with reports dealing with Wynn, however. At 9:45 p.m. Sunday Jennifer Braswell, who lives at the residence in the 2900 block of Baypole School Road, showed up at the sheriff’s office, where she reported a missing gun. She told police that Wynn woke her at 4 a.m. that morning asking about Chappell. Wynn and Chappell left together, and when she got up she noticed the gun was missing.
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